2.54 Acres in Palmdale zoned Planned Industrial

APN# 3372-004-007

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* zoned M-4 Planned Industrial- light industrial and associated operations having high standards of performance. The zone is intended for high-quality industrial parks or manufacturing areas which are developed pursuant to a comprehensive plan. Although smaller businesses are permitted in conjunction with larger developments in this zone, the intent is to achieve unified and cohesive employment centers rather than allowing piece-meal development or land subdivisions which could preclude future attraction of major uses.

* Accessory dwelling units on individual parcels containing one (1) single-family dwelling unit allowed

* Multiple family residential uses consisting of five (5) or more residential dwelling units on one (1) lot or project area, including but not limited to apartments, condominiums, and townhouse.

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APN: 3372-004-007

Los Angeles County, CA

Located on Ave L12, close to 115 the St E

Property Address: VAC/COR AVE L13(DRT)/114 STE

Property City: PALMDALE

Property State: CA

Property Zip Code: 93591

Lot: 314
Subdivision Plat Block: 787

Subdivision Plat Page: 77

Legal Description 1: TRACT NO 30718 LOT 314

Subdivision Name: 30718

Tax Amount: $90.3

Zoning: PDA12*- zoned M-4 Planned Industrial

Acres: 2.52

Land Square Footage: 110862


34.6498674888583,-117.928242214336 ;34.6498684543545,-117.928388481943 ;34.648777577889,-117.928382872135 ;34.6487027552888,-117.928382471144 ;34.6486978438362,-117.927513123077 ;34.6488077283601,-117.927513692188 ;34.6497199156182,-117.927518648494 ;34.6498628012218,-117.927519423655 ;34.6498634374589,-117.927618839665 ;34.6498674888583,-117.928242214336 

All information we have on this property is disclosed within the content of the listing page.
Any and all other information on this property should be directed toward the city or county of which the property is located in.
Your due diligence should be performed, to ensure the property meets your needs and criteria.

About the Seller:

We are a husband and wife who love to invest in land.
We review thousands of properties for everyone that we buy in order to bring you the BEST deal possible.
The pricing we get them at is reflected in the pricing of what I am selling them for. They are priced at half the current market price or less TO SELL.
Because of their price they don’t usually stay for sale for very long.

The buyer is responsible for learning all the restrictions from the county/ township/ planning and zoning office.
What you can or cannot legally do on the land is controlled by the local government, not by us or any seller.
Please contact the county, providing them with the parcel number, to confirm zoning, access, and available utilities.

Thank you for searching and talking interest in our land!

Patrycja & Tom with Land Addiction

If you have any questions, TEXT Patricia: 773-398-8027

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Los Angeles

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Legal Description

TRACT NO 30718 LOT 314





Los Angeles County




34.6498674888583,-117.928242214336 ;34.6498684543545,-117.928388481943 ;34.648777577889,-117.928382872135 ;34.6487027552888,-117.928382471144 ;34.6486978438362,-117.927513123077 ;34.6488077283601,-117.927513692188 ;34.6497199156182,-117.927518648494 ;34.6498628012218,-117.927519423655 ;34.6498634374589,-117.927618839665 ;34.6498674888583,-117.928242214336


PDA12*- zoned M-4 Planned Industrial

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